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Reopening Guidelines

As you may know, reputable spas have always been guided by high operating standards from the state's Board of Cosmetology, and The Spa at Dolphin Bay has always been diligent to ensure safety and cleanliness.

We know that this is a totally new approach to how we perform our services and how you enter our space, but WITH YOUR SUPPORT, our team knows that we will be able to continue giving you the services you desire while being within the guidelines that the State of California has laid out for our re-opening.

We are all in this together and we are so excited to get back to work and see everyone back in our treatment rooms!

Below you will find information on what you can expect as we re-open in phases.

Spa Etiquette

Upon Arrival

Please review the information below to make your appointment as smooth as possible. These details are based on State guidelines and we appreciate your kindness and understanding.

• APPOINTMENT TIMES - Please remain in your vehicle and text our receptionist to let him/her know that you have arrived. As soon as your treatment room has been cleaned, sanitized and is ready for your service, we will text you to notify you that we are ready for your arrival. We will be extending all service times by 30 minutes to allow for time in-between each client to properly sanitize. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointed time and no earlier so you can fill out any necessary paperwork.

• LIMITED CAPACITY- Please arrive alone. Capacity is limited so we will only be allowing in clients who are being actively worked on - that means please, no friends or family with you during the appointment. For right now, we are also asking that you do not bring in your kids, so please make other arrangements.

• PERSONAL BELONGINGS - Please limit your personal belongings that you bring into The Spa as lockers will not be available. We ask that you leave anything you won't need during your appointment locked in your car. Please limit what you bring with you to perhaps your phone and forms of payment (rather than your handbag).

• FACE COVERINGS - All of our therapists and receptionists will be wearing masks and we ask that you do the same throughout your time in our spa. We urge you to wear a mask that loops around your ears (easier for services). If you do not have one, The Spa at Dolphin Bay will have them available for sale.

• TEMP CHECK - We will take your temp with an infrared touch-less thermometer by our door. If you exhibit a temp of 100 degrees or higher, we must sadly reschedule your appointment for 2 weeks later.

• SANITIZE - You will be asked to wash and sanitize your hands prior to entering your treatment room. When you are done in the restroom, (as an extra precaution, use the sanitary cleaning agents provided to sanitize what you have touched) you will be taken to your treatment room to begin your consultation and service.

• WAIVER - Prior to your service, you will be asked to sign a COVID-19 waiver. One must be on file in order to begin your service.

During Your Service

• PAYMENT - All check out transactions will be done at the reception desk and we will help you buy retail products as needed. If you can use Cash or write a check instead of a CC, this would reduce the touch points as well.

• EXTRA FEES - If you use a credit card to pay for services there will be a $5.00 administration fee.

• GOODBYES – We will not be shaking hands or hugging at this time. This is our least favorite policy.

After Your Service

• BEVERAGES & FOOD – We will not be serving beverages at this time. We recommend that you bring in your own beverages with a lid. We also ask that you eat before or after your appointment so that masks remain on during the time of your service. Lido Restaurant & Lounge is a great option for before or after your appointment! You can book your reservation by calling 805-773-8900.

• LIMITED HIGH-TOUCH POINT ITEMS – While it was always nice to have magazines and other amenities for clients, during this time, all magazines will be removed from the salon. This will help reduce touch points and client-to-client interactions. Please limit any belongings that you bring with you perhaps to your phone and forms of payment (rather than your handbag).

• RELAXATION AREAS – We understand that to get the full “Spa Experience”, relaxing after on our outdoor patio our in our indoor lounge area is a nice plus. However, during this time, these areas will be unavailable.

• POOL ACCESS – Due to limited capacity, our pool will only be available for resort guests at this time. If you are interested in booking a reservation for an overnight stay, you may contact 805-773-4300 so you can have the full experience.

• INFRARED SAUNA – As much as we wish this weren’t the case, our Sauna is currently unavailable for client use. We will continue to keep you updated once we have more guidance as to when we can make this available to our clients.

Additional Precautions

Especially during this time, The Spa at Dolphin Bay MUST be diligent to ensure safety, cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation for our beloved clients and our employees. It's literally our job as a Spa to err on the side of caution.

We are aware that some of these protocols are new, uncomfortable, and may even feel silly or embarrassing. They are for us too! Please do not take them personally.

Many of these measures are temporary and hopefully only affect you for a couple appointments...

• SANITATION - We will sanitize stations and shampoo bowls before & after each client. We will also sanitize the front desk, bathroom, shared surfaces, and all door handles every 30-60 min.

• HAND WASHING - We wash, wash, wash, wash and wash our hands all day long. We will have the shiniest and most sanitized hands ever in our spa’s history! Please note that we will also ask you to wash your hands prior to service.

• PHYSICAL DISTANCE – We want to remain social of course, so we'll call this physical distance. Our salon had already been operating at with ample space between stations, so you can rest assure that other than your stylist or barber, you have space to be physically distant from other clients. We will also be staggering appointment times to minimize the number of guests in the spa.

• FACE COVERINGS – We will wear a mask and we ask that you bring and wear a mask with ear loops to your appointment.

• ILLNESS - If you have been ill, have a fever, have an active cough, or been around someone who has been ill, please wait 14 days to reschedule your appointment. Please be respectful of this request as we will very much rely on your help and honesty. If you are visibly ill, we will ask for you to reschedule your appointment 2 weeks later.

• STAFF TEMP CHECK - All staff members and clients will be temp checked with an infrared thermometer upon arrival.